How to disable automatic install of Chinese apps on Torino

I have this anoying problem with Torino, it automaticly installs Chinese apps, I just get notification in Chinese and app on wall. Is there a way to disable this?

Hello mate,

I have same problem too! As far as I know mentioned "fature" is part of OS of Coolpad device. I installed after that Malwarebytes app and it shows Wireless Update application as a culprit for this issue. My Torino R108 is Build version V048, kernel 3.10,49-perf. Factory restart doesn't help. I thought that mentioned Chinese app I downloaded by non-intentional click but they installed on my Torin even WiFi is off! So, I suggested to my fellows never to buy any of Coolpad. It is decent device but c®ap in the OS ruined rest of quality.