I never really cared for Nokia, untill they went downhill since 2008-2009. I was always baffled by the fact that it took them so long to adapt and go along with the industry. The poor design choices or the stubbornness of the uncooked Windows and reluctance to switch to Android never suited a company like Nokia in my mind. When you look at the vast array of Chinese companies that managed so quick to adapt the new system and come up with attractive devices at affordable price points, Nokia's poor attempts always looked inferior and not worhty of its name.

With the HMD acquire though things are starting to change, and for the good. Yes, it's a not revolutionary design; the new devices look pretty much as the whole smartphone landscape looks. But is that a bad thing? 

Sometimes it's just good to get the basics right and build on that. I don't know, i guess we'll wait and see what happens, but it surely looks good for now.