Coolpad 3632A Official Firmware Needed

Hello Forum members, i recently bought a Coolpad 3632A, after running an OTA update, Phone got stuck at recovery loop. I can't seem to get to the complete menu. I have searched everywhere in the internet, no source points me to firmware. Anyone with the official link should please, i really need to get my device working.

Thanks in advance.

I need the firmware of defeant 3632A, my own restart on logo


 Dear Sir like a knight in shining armor a head to your distress. It just so happens I have a Metro PCS 3632A that Belongs to my friend and He got it from someone that thought they knew how to root it but they did'nt. They messed something up and in less than a day my friend figured it out and came to me with sad eye's He asked can tyou save it??? I responded mwith you know my policy. If I can I can if not then not. You know I give no promisses. but I will do my best. I too was looking for the stock firmware and I am good at finding hard tp gewt internet items. So here is your download link you need. Good luck.